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[摘要]题目:An Eye-Witness Account of Traffic Accident假设你在某日某时某地目击一起车祸,就此写一份见证书。见证书须包括以下几点:1。 车祸发生的时间及地点2。 你所


An Eye-Witness Account of Traffic Accident
1。 车祸发生的时间及地点
2。 你所见到的车祸情况
3。 你对车祸原因的分析
14 points
It was the morning of April 6th,2003. At about 7:30, I went to school by bike as usual. It was a rainy day and the road was slippery. On the way, I noticed a boy riding in front of me, talking loudly with his friends. He didn"t wear a raincoat; instead he held an umbrella in one hand, and rode with another hand. As he turned left to Guangming Road, he failed to see a car coming from behind a truck parked on the corner. Suddenly I heard a big noise and saw an umbrella thrown away. The boy was knocked down by the car. I was completely shocked.

I think the boy’s absent-mindedness accounted much for the accident. He was talking all the time and dangerously used an umbrella while riding a bike. The weather also played a role in the tragedy. The third cause was the unproperly parked truck, which was big enough to make the road conditions invisible to the students who were going to make a turn. All these contributed to this accident.
11 points
It was last Friday morning. The accident happened when I was on my way to school. It was so terrible that I would never forget it.
I was walking along the road, and there are not so many cars on the road. Then, with a big sound, the accident happened. The red car stoped suddenly on the road so that the driver of following car couldn"t respond immiditely. The back of the red car was badly damaged, but fortunately there was no people injured in the accident.
I think the main reasons are as follows. First of all, the red car shouldn"t stop suddenly without any signals. Secondly, the following car should keep a certain distance from the front car so that the driver could have enough time to take measures when any any badly situation. Finally, these two drivers were careless. If they had paid more attention to driving, this accident wouldn"t have happened.
8 points
The trafic accident was taken place at the junction of two highways when I was driving my car home at about 4 o’clock.
The yellow car involved in the accident was running at a high speed along the right-hand when it happened. Hardly it reached the junction when it cracked with a truck running from another direction. There was no time for the drivers to change the directions.
I think the accident mostly attributed to such reasons: Firstly and the foremost, it was the carelessness of both of the drivers that mostly

made the accidents happen. It was not too careful for them when running a car. Secondly, the weather also should be responsible for it. The fog made the vision of drivers vague. Last but not the least, the constructure of the roads was unreasonable. The trafic lights are needed at any junctions.
5 points
It was 8:00 this morning, I went on my way to school. When I just at the school gate, I saw the terrible traffic accident happened.
A student ride a bike in a high speed, and just when he arrived the school gate, a large truck traveled out of the gate and hit him down. He flied over 3m before his bike hit him on the ground. Surely, the poor boy was hurt very bad.
I think there are two reasons for the accident. First, it was just the time we began our first class,

The bike rider perhaps did not want to be late, the ride his bike so fast, even didn"t low down his speed at the gate. Second, the truck is too large, and at that time, there were too many walk through the gate, so the bike driver have no other way to chose, but to ride in the middle of the road.
2 points
It was the Traffic Accident in Tianjin Road. The Traffic Accident has been at the morning, May 1. Two children by bike went to school. A car is so fast, the streel. And the car touched two children by bike, and the Traffic Accident has happened. One is touched so far way and the other os put sown. Mary people come here, and they sent to two chidren who go to Hospiton. Wait a time, The ploiemen arrived in the Accident place.

My opiopmtoin: The car driver is so fast by car, and He didn"t attendation to the children by bike aside the road. Two children by bike didn"t heared the car come. All of above, I think the car driver must be serier the Traffic Accident.

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