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[摘要]点击下载音频 美国总统贝拉克·奥巴马6日在法国北部参加完诺曼底登陆65周年纪念活动后,于当天回到巴黎。在巴黎,奥巴马没有继续与法国总统尼古拉·萨科齐商谈天下大事,而是像个普通旅游者一样,携家人尽享闲




1. President Barack Obama has arrived back in the US following an international trip that took him to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Germany and France. Before Obama left Paris, he and his family took in some of the sights and Mrs.Obama went shopping.

2. Three Indiana state pension and construction funds were asking Supreme Court to block Chrysler"s sale to Fiat, so they can pursue an appeal in hopes of getting a better deal. An appeals court approved the sale Friday, but gave objectors until Monday to try to get the Supreme Court to intervene.

3. Mexican soldiers fought a two-hour battle with heavily armed men holed up at a house in an Acapulco hotel zone. They killed 15 of the gunmen as Mexican tourists cowered in their rooms nearby. One soldier died.

4. And how is this for cute? This white tiger was born prematurely. He"s been taken in by the director of a zoo in Germany. 

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