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[摘要]Top tips to find love in 2010!2010,把握我的真爱!DID you find love in the long hazy days of summer 2008?The能力提升英语阅读


Top tips to find love in 2010!

DID you find love in the long hazy days of summer 2008? Then very soon, it could be crunch time for your relationship.
In a study of over 2000 Brits in love to mark the release of DVD 500 Days of Summer, those who were questioned highlighted that the 16 to 18 month mark is the most crucial time when couples decide how their relationship will progress.
Reasons given for these sudden break-ups included growing apart (22 per cent), having their eye on someone else (13 per cent)and feeling bored in and out of the bedroom (nine per cent).

     你是在2008年那个浪漫的夏天找到今生相伴的爱人的吗?那么经过1年多的相处,现在你们又过得怎样呢?是达到了双剑合璧不离不弃的状态,还是进入了若即若离关系模糊的冷战? 这里,我们来总结一下2009年爱情小技巧,来看看那些细节上的处理更能够增加恋人双方的关系,从过去的经验中总结得失,扔掉坏毛病,学习新技巧,让我们的爱情更上一层楼。
Jo Hemmings, behavioural psychologist says: "After reaching the milestone of a year and half, bigger decisions start to loom for couples such as should they move in together and is this the person they want to spend the rest of their lives with. "With the New Year psychologically being a time of reflection, January is certainly the most popular month for breaking hearts and new starts." Here, Jo gives us her top tips on making 2010 the year for bagging a beau and keeping him ...
    行为心理学家Jo Hemmings说道“情侣关系满1年半之后,会进入一个决定阶段,双方都会慎重的重新审视与对方的关系。实际上,这个时候恋爱已经结束,人们开始考虑婚姻和后半生。”
    Jo Hemmings 还说“同时,随着新年假期的到来,正好给了人们静下心来(抛开忙碌的工作)反思,所以每年的1月都是分手or新开始密集发生的一个时间段。”
    所以呐,为了不让分手杯具的发生,希望你记住这些Love Tips小窍门,忍一时海阔天空,退一步风平浪静,在1月的假期整理自己,说不定就能牵着你现在爱人的手,一起慢慢到老。

1. If you"re single, resolve to do something new. Instead of thinking about internet, speed dating or buying a hot new outfit get out there and do it!

2. Need some guidance on your love life? Booking a session with a Dating or Relationship Coach could be just the boost and direction that you need.
2. 需要给你的爱情生活一点指导?那么现在就预约一个恋爱关系教练,从他那里学习一些和爱人相处的艺术很有必要噢。

3. Take the opportunity to clear out your underwear drawer and consign all greying, baggy bras and pants to the bin. High street stores do fabulous underwear these days - invest in something sexy!
3. 趁着这个机会好好清理一下你的内衣抽屉。把那些宽松的BRA和内衣都扔掉,试着投资一下性感,对,你知道我说的什么,改变一下自己。让你们的生活变得更附有情趣。

4. Pep up things in the bedroom, by spicing things up a little.
4. 在卧室增加一些装饰品,或者情趣类的小玩意。

5. Remind yourself that dating is about having fun. If you"re stuck in a rut ask yourself "Is it worth it?" and if you need to move on, remember that practice makes perfect.
5. 对自己说,约会是为了寻找更多的乐趣。而不要仅仅停留在‘为什么这样做,这样做值得吗’之类的问题上。

6. Being interested in activities outside of work/looking for a partner is what makes you interesting. Taking your foot off the gas in trying to find a partner and doing other stuff that you enjoy is often a fast track to finding someone special.
6. 为你的爱情积极投身于某个兴趣活动之中。和他/她一起互动、探索,记住共同完成一件有意义的事情,是最值得纪念的。

7. Resolve to be firm but fair - letting someone down with a polite but clear message that you"re not a match made in heaven, is better than being stuck on a second or third date because you don"t want to upset them.
7. 对待感情同样有原则——也许偶尔让对方失望也不赖嘛!由于你礼貌的拒绝很清楚的告诉他你们并不非生来合适,这样总好过你因为不想拒绝对方在第二次或者第三次约会时感情就遇到瓶颈。

8. Next time your partner says "What"s up?" resolve not to say "Nothing". Learn to speak your mind firmly but tactfully and improve those important communication skills.
8. 当你爱人问起“到底发生了什么事”,请不要直接说“不”。请学会一些沟通技巧,会让你们的交谈更加顺畅。

9. Resolve to improve your flirting skills. Flirting gets a lot of bad press, but done well to someone you fancy it"s the most direct yet subtle message you can give and makes the other person feel great!
9. 改善你的调情技巧,差劲的调情技巧只会让事情变得更糟哦~但如果用好了却会事半功倍,这种直接的表达方式最容易让对方感到踏实和幸福。

10. Be open minded about your potential partner. Don"t be too picky with a long shopping list nor too random in your choices. Both are fruitless - restrict yourself to three "must haves" and let the rest unfold naturally.
10. 宽容开放的思想。不要为一些并不太重要的判断上和爱人争执,宽容一点对自己也对别人,这样生活可能会更加轻松。 春暖花开,学不我待
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